The new standard custom USB drives


Custom Shaped Flash Drives are the new darling for marketing campaigns. Flash drives generally serve as external storage devices and have replaced compact disks, floppy diskettes as well as DVDs to some extent. In the market today you will find USB 2.0 as well as 3.0. USB 3.0 provides 10 times the read/write speed and is poised to become the new standard of portable storage technology.


Custom USB 3.0 drives are considered to be a boast to users who move large amounts of data on a regular basis. If you were to compare the speeds transfer rate then you will realize that USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of 4.8 GB while USB 2.0 has a transfer rate of 480 MB. It is the best external storage device for storing large files such as videos, music and raw digital files. The Custom Shaped Flash Drives were invented to optimize low power consumption with increased efficiency.


Custom USB 3.0 is able to achieve this increased performance due to the additional bus that is embedded with the existing USB 2.0 bus. All USB 2.0 have four wires that is one for power, another for ground and a pair for data exchange. USB 3.0 has an additional set of read/write connectors for data exchange. The technology used to create USB 3.0 allows the device to use the same power consumption as USB 2.0 making it possible for electronic manufactures to create devices with less power consumption. This is very useful for smaller devices as they could require a lot of power conversions innovations.

Technology is changing very rapidly on a global scale with new inventions taking place every day and replacing old technology. USB 3.0 is here to stay as it brings in a mix of additional power, flexibility and backwards compatibility.


How to create customized USB drives



Creating custom USB sticks is the ultimate in innovation and customization. Suppliers can produce customized USB drives in virtually any shape and structure. Such customized drives start with your imagination and requirement followed by designing and production. There are many steps in creating your desired USB drive.



  • The creation of customized flash drives begins with the concept of the intended design. Sketching or pictures will enable you to get your idea. You will need to find out the message that you want to convey through the drive design- how it will look like, the intended material that will be implemented and the overall message that it will convey.
  • After getting the idea and making the relevant sketch, you will have to contact the USB duplication company that will help in adding further details or enhancing your idea through an illustration with colors, structural angles, dimensions, and materials. Then you and the company will decide on the specifications of the customized USB drive. The USB duplication company will reproduce your customized flash drive effectively and within an efficient time frame, using its combination of skilled manpower, software, and equipment.
  • The illustration will then be translated into a designated software. The software will help in shaping the body of the USB drive through the robotics of the machine. 3-D rubber shapes will be devised through a mold and the specifications will be finalized. Silicon and PVC are good examples of rubber-like materials to give customized shapes because of their lightweight nature and pliability.
  • After the design is molded, the flash drive core will be placed inside the shape and locked for protection purpose. Any additional design may be printed after the fusion of the USB drive and shape based on its design. Wood is a very popular design element for custom USB drives that require equipment to cut and get the desired shape.

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Logo USB drives take you ahead of the competition

Most business owners always pay attention to their competition and what their larger competitors are doing to make them superior. Every entrepreneur should find something that makes his reference market appear. Once you get your attention, you have more chances to get your business. One way to catch the eye of your target market is to use Logo USB drives.

When using USB drives with a logo, the attention of your target market is pulling towards you. These units have a high perceived value. While the cost can be low for you, the customer considers it a gift of superior quality. It attracts the client's attention, and your business will look like a quality activity.

By giving away Memory Sticks, you can also better identify your business. Including your company's information and logo will make your business more visible. The fact is, your business is becoming more noticeable because it gives away something that adds value. Your customers can use this product better than a small calendar or a printed pen.

After all, your customers can be happy that you have provided them with information about your company and other products than other companies. By storing your business information in the units, your customers can quickly and easily upload data to their computer. Instead of giving them much printed reading material that can be lost or thrown away, they have it on the custom shaped flash drives to see it anytime. Whenever you use the hard drive to store your data, they will understand and correct your information.

The brand of your company is one of the most important things you can do. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do this best. Be sure to use Logo USB drives on the page because you call your company the attention it deserves, and you can earn more business from your competitors.

Promotional USB's at WeAreUsb

The custom made USB's are a cool and unique way to promote your brand effectively. One of the attractive factors about customized USB's is the fact that they serve dual purpose of transferring data as well as serving as a innovative and unique marketing tool. WeAreUsb are one of the oldest companies to provide custom made USB drives and promotional USB's to clients across the world. Their professionals possess extremely high expertise and great knowledge on the various nuances involved with the whole process of manufacturing customized USB's as well as importing and providing post production services.

Different customized template models available at WeAreUsb

If you have rough usage or have a baby at home who likes to throw things around a lot then you should consider buying metal USB. “” has a whole section dedicated to different types of USB metal designs. The designs are unique and very creative. For example “beverage can USB” is a great option if your product is a beverage and you are looking to promote it in a creative way than this USB is a perfect way to do so. This cylindrical object has magnetized base to keep the USB and your data in a safe, secure and cool place. You can customize it by having your brand logo on the surface to create a perfect miniature of your own beverage can.

There are also different print methods available for you to choose from like screen painting, engraving and dome resin. “Digital dog tag USB – call of duty” is a locket shaped USB which you can combine with your chain and wear it anywhere you want. This USB is very popular because it is easy to carry and very handy.  It is really useful for people who work in armed forces as you can store medical as well as other important information on it conveniently.

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Important Factors To Know About The Custom USB Sticks

Looking for a perfect gift for your friend or colleagues or loved one?

Thinking of gifting them Custom USB Sticks? Then you are at the right place….

This Custom Shaped USB can carry the form of your company mascot, logo or any shape which you can come up with.

Made from silicone and rubber this is the most adaptable Custom USB Stick accessible on the market nowadays.

USB sticks can offer your company with a great advertising tool.

Hand out them to your loyal clients as a "thank you," utilize them to enhance your brand visibility as well as ensure you make a statement also confirm you are the first name your customers see on their desk while they require to order a service or product that you deliver.

Promotional USB drives will make a flawless advertising tool to spread the term about your business among the computer operators, and considering the amount of them you can effectively target any person, social status, regardless the age, profession as well as personal characteristics.

Promotional USB Drives: Selections

There are numerous companies that provide various promotional USB drives in diverse distinctive styles. Concerns wanting to endorse their business can:

  • Select from the different kinds of materials, for instance, wood and leather, utilized for the flash drive.
  • Choose from many available styles, such as designer, capless, slim and spin, small, pocket pen also sparks.
  • Get their business logo imprinted on the USB flash drives to improve the visibility as well as add sophistication to their company.
  • Get supplementary features, for example, music on insertion and blinking headlights, added to a flash drive.
  • Choose USB flash drives through storage space extending from 64MB - 8GB.

Several businesses do get themselves in lots of difficulties to endorse their business utilizing the exact promotional Custom USB sticks.

The thing is that this is vital for businesses to be able to distinguish how to find the accurate drive. In spite of everything, they not only perform as storing devices but also the USB business cards

Individualize Your USB And Make Life Cool


Are you tired of seeing the same dull things around in your office? Do you sometimes feel the need to break the monotony some way or the other?


Here's your solution! Get custom USB, and in no time you will have a dashing color to brighten up your day!


Simple And Easy Way To Customize Your USB


If you have ever wanted to make a USB exclusively for yourself, this is your chance. With the help of engineering advances, it is now possible to make custom shaped USB of any size, any color, and any texture. You will be able to get exactly what you want of you have merely had a picture of your product. Even if you do not have a picture of what you want if you can describe in detail what you exactly want, expertise artists can turn any design into a USB of your personal choice. You can even borrow the same as to send these USBs as a gift for people. With a plethora of options and ideas and the possibility to make any design you want, you can even make an excellent choice in giving them as presents to near and dear ones.




What More Can You Do With These


The utility and uniqueness of these amazing products do not end with giving personal joys only. If you are a new company trying to do business, the best way to ensure good client flow is through good advertisement. With the help of promotional USB, you can promote the name and logo of your company, and give these out to your clients. Your clients will never forget such a fantastic gift and will always rely on your company. This is a great strategy for marketing and popularizing your business.


With such vast influence and advantages, you should get your personalized USB as soon as possible!


Different Types Of Custom USB Drives

There are various types of Custom Shaped Flash Drives which are designed according to different promotional requirements. Below are some most common types of custom USBs.



  • Flash Drive With Security- These are really helpful in protecting data. The USB is designed in logical and physical security ways to prevent leak or stealing of data. These types of USBs come with a lock combination before any access to the disc is made.  There are also others that require an internal password for data access. They also come with remove or add write protection which adds more security to the drive.
  • Music Flash Drive- These are solely used for transfer and save of music in devices. They come in different types of flash drives and designs. They are mostly designed small in size to maximize portability.
  • Credit Card USBS- These are customized flash drives that are designed to look like a credit or debit card. These are very portable. These are custom designed and are printed with the logos of various companies. These are mostly used as a promotional product by banks. These are great Promotional USB as they can fit in a wallet also which creates positive impressions for the company.
  • Keychain Types- They are designed as typical key chains. These are very helpful to people who lose their USB drives very often. These can be just paired with a key, and the chances of it being lost decrease significantly.
  • Branded USB Drives- These look like normal USB drives only but with a logo of a brand printed on top. These are great promotional tools.
  • Wristband Type USBS- These are designed as per the name only that is a wristband. They act as a fashion statement, but it’s not a guarantee that these are waterproof.

The list doesn’t end here, but these were the most common types of custom USB flash drives.


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Advantages Of Custom Shaped Usb Device

Presently, custom USB device plays an important role in the business world. It offers several advantages to their customers. You can use them for DVD or for CD and for any other devices, etc. There are several reasons people use custom USB device, such as investor information, press kits, annual report, training videos, important files, etc. You can easily load this information within USB device and use it. This device is light weight and easy to use.  You don’t need to send hard copy instead you can provide your customers soft copy easily. It will reduce the time and cost both.

Why custom USB device?

If you choose custom USB device, it will offer several advantages. First, you can create your company logo or company website name and phone number on the device. You can choose any custom design for your USB device. There are several companies who need different USB devices for different reason. If you want to distribute or promote your company and product or services, then you can provide to your customers this Custom Shaped USB easily. It will advertise and provide lots of information about your business. It is one of the best advertisement procedures as well.

USB device store important information

 This device mainly helps to transfer data from one device to another easily. Every people who are professional, student, or manager use this device to store important information easily. It is also one of the best way to promote and aware about certain areas. Most of the companies are using USB device with their own logo and slogan. So, try it now for your company and avail its advantages. It will help you to advertise your product offline and transfer important information from one place to another easily.

Make the data storage looks funky and trendy


Data storage is an essential in this everyday life. The best option for the data storage is obviously the USBs and Flash drives. They have gained a huge popularity as they are easy to use. But the most wanted one is the custom USB. Now most of the users are looking out for this. The USB making industry is also making these the easier for the market to get them. Also they made them cost effective too. If you are not having the custom USB for you, then why not you buy one?


Now what is the advantage of using the USB in customized shape?

Know about the various usage of the customized USB

Custom shaped USB has many advantages besides having the great look. The primary reason of using them is to make the device looking cool and trendy.

But the shape of the custom shaped flash drives can easily be done in the logo of the company or the products. Thus when you offer these kinds of USBs to your clients, they will know about you and will remember about the product or the company when they will be using it.

Thus this is the best way to get the promotion of your company.

Get to do the promotion of the company

Except this one, it has another thing very convenient. The USB are mainly smaller in size which are very easy to carry. Though they are having huge space like 16 GB, 32 GB, but that does not mean that the size has to be more. Even in smaller size you can get the right shape to be used at any place. Isn’t it a good thing to use the custom USBs?

The best place to buy the USB sticks is the online store. You can get several shapes in 2D and 3D in the online stores. Or if you want to make the logo, contact the manufacturer.



Design Your Own USB

USB or universal serial bus is a standard of connection that a cable or connection or a flash drive should have so as to connect universally to any computers or peripheral devices. With the flow of time, the latest is designing your own USB be it drives or multiple USB hubs. Custom shaped USB or custom shaped flash drives are very popular these days not only among the young generations but also with older professionals. You can design your USB and provide them with a number or companies available online so that they can make the device according to your choice.

How To Get The USB As Per Your Design;-

  • You can search among the various websites and find out the perfect and suitable website that can make your custom USB. You can use them for your own or as a promotional item for your company. Custom shaped flash drives imitating your company product and distributed free in a trade show allows the prospective customers to remember your company.
  • Just send a photo of your product to any of the company’s who make custom shaped USB, and they will make it for your normally molding rubber, plastic, metals or carving wood to give your dream a reality.
  • Custom shaped flash drives are very useful in promoting your product as it is carried by the owner from one place to another and not only the owner but also persons around are able to see, and ultimately your company gets the propaganda needed. We can say it is a type of pseudo advertisement.

So paying a little sum to the makers of this USB as per your design you are able to promote your company and the products. So go for it without waiting.

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